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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Myoporum laetum - Myoporum

The Myoporum (poor tree does not even get a common name) is a very commonly planted small tree or large multi-stemmed shrub usually used as a screen or along busy roads. Evergreen dome-shaped with a dense canopy, quickly growing to 25' x 20' wide. When multi-stemmed its usually branching to the ground or lifted up. Dense roots are invasive.

Leaves are evergreen, alternate, simple, elliptical to lanceolate to oval shaped, 3-4" long, about 1" wide, dark glossy green on the upper surface, lower surface lighter green. Margins entire or slightly toothed. Short petiole or sessile, in whorls at the ends of the branches. Distinct translucent dots in the leaves, hence the name ...porum.

 You can see the pores in the leaves when you hold them up to the light.

Stout twigs, green, sticky. Eventually brown.

Flowers are small 1/2", white, bell shaped with a dark spot on the inner petal surface, born in clusters late spring or summer.

 Fruit is a small reddish berry, about 3/8" diameter.

 Older trunks are really cool looking, somewhat like a Schinus molle.

Not recommended any longer. The foliage is often distorted by thrips.

Misidentification: Not sure, look at the foliage with the pores, and unfortunately the thrip damage.

Location: Along 45th in Capitola

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  1. Enjoying and learning a lot from the blog...San Diego flora is not much different and I got to know identity of many unknown plants.