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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Betula pendula 'Purpurea' - Purple Birch

And the last of the purple leaf adventure (for now). I came across this pair visiting a friends store on Main St (Loot). Cutting across the parking lot of the white church in Soquel this small grove (always plant birch trees in groves and stick with odd numbers) was next to a Washington Thorn in bloom or I am might not have seen them.

Growth rate is slower than the green species, and I dont think they really weep well like an older European Weeping Birch. Small purple leaves are tough to see. 

As you cans see, the leaves are the same shape as the species, they are just purple. 

Misidentification: Not sure,

Soquel. 3036 Center St

Aptos: 520 Bayview on the Cliff Dr side of the street.

On Dolphin near the intersection with Via Novella ... The true house address is 1807 Via Pacifica but the tree would be in the back yard which happens to be on Dolphin.

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