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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Azara serrata - Saw-toothed Azara

Wow, early April or late May you might see a huge flash of yellow out of the corner of your eye. Not a very common color flower this time of year, for a tree anyway. The Saw-toothed Azara is a pretty rare small evergreen large shrub or small tree from Chile. Generally to about 20' but I have seen more of them treated like a wall shrub, pruned flat against a wall. The form is generally upright to spreading, sort of stiffly branched, but nice. Really different color for spring blooming plants, seems yellow is a summer color.

Foliage is evergreen, alternate, simple, elliptical, serrated about 2.5 - 3" long, about 1" wide, and very glossy green upper surface.

Foliage is arranged differently on this plant than many others. You can see what looks like little leaves along the stem along with larger ones. The smaller ones are coming from the lateral buds that produce one or two leaves only.

Flowers are very beautiful, small yellow clusters, very fragrant as well. Smells somewhat like vanilla.

Fruit are small white berry.  Have to say I cant recall seeing any, but I will look harder.

Misidentification - hard to say

Nicest one I have seen is at 413 Ewell Ave, Aptos
Cabrillo College has a nice one as well.

123 Center Ave. Espalier by door
517 McCormick Ave

Santa Cruz
620 35th Ave (Pleasure Point)
Corner of River and Water St at the bank

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