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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photinia serratifolia - Chinese Photinia

The chinese photinia is a small evergreen tree with beautiful flowers. Grows to less than 25' with a nice compact dense rounded habit. Not to be confused with the red photinia. Gets a lot of bad press as an invasive in the south. The few that I have seen around here all look very nice year round.

Foliage is alternate, simple, obovate to oblong with very finely serrated margins and leathery in texture, as well as shiny.  

In the early spring you will find some leaves turning red, ahhh fall color.

New foliage in the spring is very much lighter green.

Flower clusters are large, maybe 8" across and can cover the entire plant. Individual flowers are small, white with 5 petals.

Fruit is a small red berry.

Stems thinnish, green with red tinges, eventually turning brown.

Other photinias, especially P. x fraserii, early spring they have very red new leaves.

433 Ewell Ave as seen in the picture at the top
5489 Soquel Drive a pair flanking the driveways of the duplex

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