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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans' - Japanese Plume Cedar

This dwarf form of Cryptomeria maybe more commonly planted than the species. They tend to be smaller, multi-stemmed trees with a great summer color of bright green and a bronzy winter color. Generally described as 8-15' they do get larger than that, more likely 25-30'. 

The evergreen foliage is awl shaped like the species but the leaves are more spreading from the stem and are very soft to the touch. The turn a purplish color in the winter. Perhaps one of its most identifying characteristic.

The bark is exceptional, better than the species. Rich reddish brown color exfoliating in strips. These trees tend to be multi-stemmed with is good.

Hard to say, look at the spreading awl shaped leaves, they tend to be soft, and if you are looking at them in the winter they are purplish. Not a Melaleuca....

Corralitos Rd close to the Market

Live Oak
4395 Court Dr.
854 38th.

Santa Cruz
219 Clinton St.

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