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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sciadopitys verticillata - Umbrella Pine

The umbrella pine is a really interesting but unusual evergreen conifer. Rarely seen in our area, generally grown for an accent tree in Japanese style gardens. The trees are narrow to pyramidal, fairly open crown, and a very slow grower to 20'. They have a rich green color although may be slighty off color during the winter.

Interesting leaves. Linear 2-4" long about 20 appearing per whorl giving the impression of an umbrella (hence the common name). Leaves are heavily grooved in the middle on both surfaces. Lower surface lighter green.

What look like small brown bumps or scales on the stems are actually the leaves, and the leaves are modified stems.... according to some botanists anyway. 

Woody cones, 2-4" long, green maturing brown.

Can't think of anything. The foliage is unique.

403 Club House Drive (same house as the Himalayan Pine)

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