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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Styrax japonicus - Pagoda Tree

Beautiful small (20') spreading tree with a rounded crown and horizontal branches. Lacking fall color for the most part its pretty much a spring blooming sensation. They tend to be pretty twiggy, meaning lots of small twigs in the center of the tree. The horizontal branches show off the flowers beautifully, especially from below. We had one in our yard in Spokane and placed it over a stairway so you can see the flowers as you climb up or down.

Leaves are held above the branches allowing the flowers to be seen. Alternately arranged, elliptical shaped, 1-3" long. Interesting veination pattern. Light to medium green.

Not easy to see in this image but the foliage sits upright above the stems creating a flattened branch.

Flowers are very attractive. White bell shaped hanging in clusters below the branches. Late May into early July blooming.

Fruit is a 3/8" diameter dry drupe, green turning brownish. One seed inside.

Its not easy to spot one of these unless they are in bloom. Most around here look like larger shrubs. In flower they are pretty easy. I have only seen two specimens, one died.

306 Park Dr.

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