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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Geijera parviflora - Australian Willow

The Australian Willow is an attractive evergreen tree growing to about 25' by 20 forming an upright oval or rounded canopy. Like some other plants (weeping birch) the main lateral branches are upright while the thin secondary and tertiary branches are weeping. Looks like a willow? I am not sure but, I do like this tree. Seems like a good one for our area.

Foliage is willow-like but evergreen,  alternate, simple, linear,  3-6" long and about 1/2" wide with entire margins, occasionally falcate shape. Light green in color and not really a top or bottom. They are pendulous on the branches. Also somewhat aromatic.

Stems are brown and thin with the leaves hanging off. Small brown buds.

Flowers are white or cream colored, very small, but showy if produced in large enough quantities.

Have not seen any fruit.

Bark is smooth brown when young and turning slightly grooved with age.


442 Los Altos (seen in the top picture)

1440 47th Ave.

110 Airport Drive (seen in the second picture)

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