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Monday, December 23, 2013

Butia capitata - Pindo Palm

The Pindo Palm (Jelly Palm) is a pretty common sight in our county and I am glad because it provides a nice palm with the blue foliage that I like. They grow as solitary stem to about 20' in our area but maybe to 35' elsewhere.

Leaves are pinnate, 10-15' long, distinctly arched, V shaped in cross section (leaflets are sticking upright) usually bluish to silvery green colored. Very sharp modified leaflets along the leaf stalk.

Stems are covered with criss crossing leaf bases projecting from the stem at least 8" until very old then becoming smooth.

Flowers prolifically here, throwing up 3-5 spikes from woody bracts that look like boats. Flowers are unisexual but both on same inflorescence.

Fruit round, 1" orange and edible. These are not ripe yet.

Love the aloe with this palm - all spiky

not sure, distinct pinnate palm with bluish and arching foliage, knobs on trunks.


7000 Soquel Drive in the thin planting strip
Twin Lakes Church sort of at the back with the school - near the Nursery school room.

105 Wesley
4775 Opal Cliff Drive
4100 Opal Cliff Drive - see lots of other palms and a cool cycad

Santa Cruz
126 Miles St

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