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Monday, December 23, 2013

Phoenix reclinata - Senegal Date Palm

The Senegal Date Palm is a clumping palm capable of reaching 45' but more likely 25' here. These palms have thin stems and short leaves and a head with 20-40 leaves. Because the palms are clumping the stems tend to bend away from the others giving it the name reclinata. They have a real tropical look to them and the fruit show put on is something to see.

The pinnate dark green leaves are short ranging from 6-10' long with short leaflets and very sharp spines at the base of the leaves (very typical of Phoenix species). They have a sideways curve to them.

As I mentioned, the stems at the base of the palm are thin, but appear thicker near the crown because you are seeing leaf bases still attached.

Plants are dioecious, male and female plants.

Young fruit cluster forming in middle December along the coast.

Large specimen from The Huntington Collection.

Not likely, very thin and tall, short leaves clumping habit

3024 Pleasure Point Drive (There is also a large Erythrina to the left of the driveway)

Santa Cruz
119 Effey St. is a large planting.

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