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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dicksonia antarctica - Tasmanian Tree Fern

The Tasmanian Tree fern is a common sight here in Santa Cruz County. Along with the the Australian Tree Fern they are used in landscapes to create a tropical look. Dicksonia grows to 15' with a wide rough stem that retains the leaf stocks and is covered with fine brown hairs. This picture is from Trebah Garden in Cornwall England.

Young leaves developing from the central growing point. Leaves are bipinnate, up to 6' long, but less than 2' wide, finely dissected into smaller segments.

Much more vertical arrangement on the stems than Cyathea.

Stems are thick, retaining the leaf stipe for years. Covered with hairs.

Misidentification: Cyathea and Dicksonia are easily distinguished from one another. Cyathea has a narrow smooth trunk and wide leaves, while Dicksonia has a thick stem with remnants of the petioles attached and narrow leaves.

Locations: All over the county but both tree ferns can be seen at the following locations:

415 Locke Dr

205 Magellan St
316 Cliff Drive

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