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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pittosporum eugeniodes - Lemonwood (Tarata)

You are more likely to see the lemonwood (Tarata) growing as a hedge than as a tree. And more than likely if you find a tree its because someone failed to prune it after it got over their head. Its not that is a bad tree, its just a great hedge, that you don't want to forget to prune. If allowed to grow it might hit 30-35' with a 15' spread, upright fairly tight habit but spreads out when mature.

Leaves are evergreen, alternate, simple, oblong to elliptical, 4" x 1" wide, light green above, lighter below, great undulated margins, pale yellow midrib, smell like lemons when crushed.

Terminal leaf bud is long, pointed and the bud scales have a dark edge making the bud look striped. You can see it on the left. The leaves show a their undulation.

Flowers in clusters in spring, pale yellow, and small.

Fruit is a capsule, tan ripening to black opening to reveal black sticky seeds.

Bark is smooth, gray.

Misidentification, not likely, undulated light green leaves with a contrasting mid vein and  most likely pretending to be a hedge.

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