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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tamarix ramosissima - 5 Stamen Tamarisk

We are really stretching the tree list here, this is much more a shrub but its not often seen so I'll introduce it anyway. The Tamarisk (5-stamen tamarisk) is a small deciduous tree, large shrub generally forming a rounded thicket 6-15' tall and about as wide. This shot is the one on 7th Ave. Really old school plant, surprised to see them recently. Can't imagine why anyone would plant one. If you Google this plant you will see the links are mostly referring to its invasiveness. 

Leaves are alternate, simple, small, scale like and resemble many members of the cupressaceae family. 

Flowers are produced early spring in our area, covering the plant with small pink flowers held on short stiff stalks. The common name suggests the plants have 5 stamens.

Showing the size of the flowers to the branches.

Likely to think its a conifer if there are no flowers as the leaves look very scale like.

Santa Cruz
800 Block of 7th Ave, open field just by the road.

216 Harrison, seems the front yard is covered with this plant.

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