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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lagunaria patersonii - Cow Itch Tree

The cow itch tree is an evergreen tree growing to 30 feet tall by 20 wide. Native to Norfolk Island. Grows as an upright to rounded tree. Not really common. My good friends had their first date under these trees.

Leaves are evergreen, simple, oval, dark green above, light gray below, about 2" long.

Flowers are 1" across, hibiscus like (which means the stamens are fused into a column surrounding the stigma) pink to rose color, fading to white, produced in the summer.

Fruit is a brown capsule. when open they contain very fine hairs that causing itching. Doubt they cause cows to itch.

foliage might look like a holly oak, maybe…

Opal Cliff Dr

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