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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Triadica sebifera - Chinese Tallow Tree

The Chinese Tallow tree is a medium sized deciduous tree with mixed reviews. Considered very invasive in some areas, its also popular because of its nice shape and wonderful fall color. Growing to 35 feet, they form a rounded to oval habit. Specimens grow as a single stem or multi-stemmed. Has a reputation for being weedy, and is listed on many sites as being invasive.

Foliage is deciduous, simple, alternately arranged, rhomboid to ovate to cordate shaped, 2-3" long, light green in color, often developing a long accumulate tip.

Plants are monoecious, flowers small, yellow in weeping elongated racemes. These are upright to begin, and weep when open.

Fruit is a three lobed dry capsule about 3/4" long. Maturing white or light tan.

Bark on mature trees lightly furrowed. 

Reported to have great fall color, I can't say I have noticed it yet. Reds, oranges, yellows, sounds nice.

You may know this tree as Sapium sebiferum but is has been renamed.

Bark looks like an older Mayten tree, and the foliage looks like a lilac bush, but other than that I am not sure what else it looks like.

220 Baltusrol Dr.

Santa Cruz
211 High St
142 Hammond Ave
427 Grant St.
528 Windham (very nice specimen)

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