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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nyssa sylvatica - Tupelo tree

The Tupelo tree (Tupelo honey) is a medium to large deciduous tree from the US, grown for the amazing fall color. Lateral branches are perpendicular to the main stem, sort of like a pin oak. Has the potential of reaching 80' in its native habitat. Many specimens in Santa Cruz have the tops removed, hopefully accidentally. 

Leaves deciduous, alternate, simple, obovate to oblong, 3-5" long, entire margins, dark green in summer, brilliant reds in fall. Lower surface lighter green.

Young stems light green, small lateral buds.

Flowers green, with the leaves, pretty easy to miss.

Fruit is a small round bluish drupe. These are not ripe and in pairs.

Bark is silver gray and slightly checked.

Not sure.

Capitola Knolls condo complex, next to the Taxodium.

Santa Cruz
Mission Plaza in the lawn
River St and Front St Parking garage - 2 trees smallish and lacking terminal leader.

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