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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sorbus aucuparia - European Mt. Ash

I saw this tree several years ago and thought it was being taken out, but its still hanging in there. The European Mt. Ash is a small to medium sized deciduous tree with great fall color and bright red-orange berries. Growing 20-40 feet tall and 8-10 wide with an upright oval habit but can be more open and rounded with age. Rarely seen in our area but more common over the hill. This one is multi-stemmed. You can see on the right that its growing pretty well over the neighbors house.

Different tree, in the fall.

Leaves are deciduous, pinnately compound, 7-9" long, with 9-15 leaflets, each about 1-2" long with serrated margins along the upper half of the leaf. Dark pale green upper surface, lighter green below, turning a beautiful red in the fall.

Flowers are white, small, about 1/3", white, borne in 6" wide flattened clusters.

Fruit is a small orange-red pome eaten by birds. 'Cardinal' is a bright red fruited cultivar.

Stems are thick, smooth by summer, with a large terminal bud that is covered with white hairs. Often with distinct lenticels. Trunk is more or less smooth.

Goes by several common names, some have Rowan in them meaning Red head….

Chinese Pistachio maybe, it actually serves the same function in colder landscapes but has better looking flowers.

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