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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Eucalyptus viminalis - Manna Gum

Manna Gum is a very fast growing evergreen tree commonly seen on freeways. These trees grow to over 100' tall and maybe 50' wide. They often branch low resulting in several very large thick trunks where the shedding bark accumulates. 

The evergreen leaves are alternately arranged, simple, narrowly lanceolate to linear, 4-6" long, often slightly curved, dull light green, no upper or lower surface as they hang vertically. Typical Eucalyptus smell when crushed.

Flowers are white, borne in groups of threes thought there are lots of these little cymes making it look like a larger group.

Fruit is a capsule, 3/8" in diameter with a nice ring around the top, valves are sticking out past the ring.

Beautiful bark, shedding most of the way to the base of the trees. The top photo is from a massive tree at UCSC arboretum.

These are the two trees at UCSC arboretum. Big trees.

Flower number is always key with Eucalyptus, leaf shape, and bark.

Freeway just behind the Safeway at RDM shopping center

41st Ave and Highway 1 intersection, on the Auto dealer side of the roads.

Scotts Valley
Highway 17 on the right side heading north just before the first sign for the Granite Creek exit.

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