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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Betula pendula 'Youngii' - Young's Weeping Birch

Young's weeping birch is a fun dwarf form of the European Weeping Birch that's more shrub than tree but can still be a great focal point in a landscape. I have seen several that the skirt formed by the branches hits the ground and was used a fort by little kids.

This is a specimen from Bondnat Gardens in Wales. Its just leafing out so you don't get to see the skirt well developed.

Here is one from Capitola, showing off its winter outfit. White twisted bark! Very cool.

The leaves are alternately arranged, 1.5-3" long, ovate to deltoid or rhomboid shaped with serrated margins and the tip can be (but not always) very much acuminate.

Twigs are reddish-brown with lot of whitish glands.


Male flowers in a 2-3" long catkin overwintering, usually in 3's. Female emerging in spring, red color and erect on lateral branches. These are the male catkins, the image below is the catkins open.

If you are lucky you might come across a 'Trost's Dwarf'. Very finely dissected leaves.

Only if you are only handed a branch.

1743 Calypso Dr, While you are there you can see a weeping Blue Atlas Cedar and a Harry Lauders Walking stick.

205 Toledo, interesting driveway

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