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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Corymbia maculata - Spotted Gum

The spotted gum is a large eucalyptus relative with a long straight trunk, somewhat like lemon scented gum, with the foliage up high forming a rounded to spreading canopy and beautiful bark. I have not seen others in town but they are likely to exist, this one caught my eye when it was shedding its bark, otherwise I might have missed it. So much for my observational skills.

Evergreen foliage is alternate, simple, lanceolate, 5-9" long, no distinct upper or lower surface. Dark green and somewhat leathery, which is supposed to separate them from C. citriodora. This is from a small tree and is not very large. New foliage has a reddish color.

Flowers are white, small, in  in winter or spring in an elongating cluster but terminating in clusters of 3. Each bud has a pointed cap.

Fruits are urn shaped capsules, small like C. citriodora.

The bark is smooth most of the year, but sheds in "polygonal flakes". Most of the year the smooth bark is white, grayish or pink, but during the shedding it looks greenish.

C. citriodora for sure, until the bark peels.

Seacliff Dr East, between Sea Terrace Way and Seacliff Dr before it turns into Center.

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