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Friday, November 28, 2014

Robinia pseudoacacia 'Tortuosa' - Contorted Black Locust

I love twisted or contorted plants, and this one is pretty twisted. Apparently there are two versions of this plant, 'Tortuosa' and 'Lace Lady'. 'Tortuosa' has the potential of reaching 40' and are likely the ones seen on Jordan, while 'Lace Lady' are said to reach 15'. Regardless, we have a dwarf twisted form of the black locust, depending on the cultivar the plant may be 15'-40' tall. I may like it best in the winter without the twisted leaves.

Same plant in the winter.

Leaves are smaller then normal, twisted, but look like a black locust leaf with inch worms. This one is mine, in a pot and most likely 'Lace Lady'.

Flower clusters are smaller, shorter perhaps, but look like the species.

Hard to guess what you might think this is. Maybe you are looking at a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick in winter?

729 Monterey Blvd.
230 Junipero Ct.

Santa Cruz
127 Jordan on the Escalona Drive side of the house with 3 very large specimens and I think one on the Jordan side.

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