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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Agonis flexuosa 'Jervis Bay Afterdark'

I really like this tree, it pushes all the right buttons for me, small, weeping, and purple. Discovered as a mutation in a nursery it is now way more popular than the species from which it was derived. Estimated height is a about 20' with a spread of 10'. Mature specimens are a bit more open and said to be less purple.

The new foliage comes out scarlet in the spring before darkening to a deep purple. Leaves are smaller than the species which adds to its soft weeping texture.

Flowers are white, with a pinkish purple center, five petals that are obovate allowing you to see though the flower.

Fruit is a small persistent capsule and should be like the species.

Perhaps Leptospermum 'Dark Shadows'. Both have small white flowers, and short purple leaves. Agonis lacks the hairs on the leaves and is by far more weeping.

There is a new purple leaved Agonis 'Burgundy', but the foliage quickly becomes green and is no way close to the dark purple of this one.

There is a dwarf, 'Nana' that I would like to see.

420 Clubhouse
6500 Soquel Dr Horticulture Department

816 41st. Ave. in the alley between Verve Coffee and Penny Ice Cream are 3 nice recently planted specimens.

4690 Crystal (lots of other unique trees)

Next to Verve coffee shop on 41st are 3 nice specimens.

Santa Cruz
1313 Escalona Dr 5 in one yard.

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