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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hakea salicifolia 'Gold Medal' - Golden WIllow-Leaved Hakea

The first time I saw this tree I was walking around the UCSC arboretum in summer and it jumped out at me like it was lit up. I wandered over and spent 10 minutes looking for a name tag, nothing, man I hate that. Anyway, took a few photos and went on my way. Not sure how great they perform in the landscape. Taking with a few nurserymen I had decided not to buy one for school. Discovered in Australia, this evergreen tree/shrub grows 8-15' tall and wide forming a pretty dense screen. Known for its beautiful foliage, especially in the spring.

This is younger tree in the spring.

Foliage is alternate, evergreen, simple, narrowly lanceolate, often twisted or bent, 3-4" long, about 1/2" wide, creamy variegation is not uniform with large patches of green. Spring color is a beautiful pink.

The fruit of Hakea are pretty weird looking, spotted reddish turning brown.

I really had no idea what it was the first time I saw it and without the odd fruit it looked something like an Acacia with phyllodes. My experience with Hakea was limited to noticing the flowers and not paying much attention to the foliage.

Santa Cruz
1045 N. Branciforte Ave.
UCSC arboretum

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