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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Aesculus californica 'Canyon Pink' - Canyon Pink Buckeye

A pink flowered selection of our beautiful CA buckeye, this deciduous tree/shrub grows 15-40' tall, at least that's what most references suggest though I have only seen a few trees. Originally found as a seedling selected from fruit collected in Monterey County, it's only propagated via grafting so it has limited availability (not really a good excuse).

I've seen several pinkish flowered trees at Wilder State Park (below) so the genes are there for more selections.

Foliage is really the same as are most all traits except the flower color.

Don't mistake it for the various pink horse chestnuts, Aesculus x carnea, which have much larger wider leaves and furrowed bark and are much larger trees.

Cabrillo College Horticulture Building 5000.

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