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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chamaecypris pisifera filifera 'Aurea' - Golden Threadleaf Falsecypress

The golden threadleaf falsecypress is a beautiful conifer rarely seen in Santa Cruz. This evergreen conifer has a nice golden ting to the awl-like leaves. You are much more likely to encounter one of many of the dwarf cultivars, such as 'Aurea Nana' or 'Mops'. This cultivar is a slow grower eventually reaching about 20' tall by about 15' wider or less.

This is a shot from the National Arboretum showing how nicely they add contrast to a landscape.

Foliage is evergreen, arranged spirally on the stems. Usually more awl-shaped than scale-like, more or less pointed at the tips and diverging from the stem. Distinct white X's on the lower surface of the branchlets. The characteristic that makes this filifera is the long string like stems of the newer growth.

A closer look at the awl-shaped leaves and the white areas on the stems.

The cones are small and round, with peltate scales, resembling a small soccer ball, but this specimen produces female reproductive structures, it does not produce and cones.

Bark is like other Chamaecyparis species.

Other golden falsecypress, there are tons of golden ones but not around here. Look for the awl-shpaed leaves and the X's on the backs of the foliage.

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