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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ceanothus 'Ray Hartman' - Ray Hartman Ceanothus

The Ray Hartman ceanothus (Wild Lilac is another common name for Ceanothus) is a beautiful small evergreen tree.  Fast growing mounded large shrub or smaller tree to 20'. Drought tolerant, beautiful flowers, long lived, attracts butterflies, what else do you want? 

Leaves are evergreen, alternate, simple,  ovate to elliptical, lightly serrated and slightly revolute margins,  2-3" long, dark shiny green, with 3 deeply set veins starting at the base that curve towards the tip. Leaves feel rough to the touch. 

Young stems are green with shallow grooves. 

Flowers emerge late winter - early spring. Medium blue flowers on 6" long clusters, tiny individual flowers,  attracting lots of flying insects. Wow, really pretty plant in bloom.

Fruit is a small capsule.

The Ray Hartman Ceanothus a hybrid of 2 species of Ceanothus native to CA. C. arboreus and C. thrysiflorus griseus
Misidentification: Not sure, other Ceanothus perhaps?

Cabrillo Hort Center

Corner of El Salto and Hollister (Depot Hill)

Santa Cruz

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