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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Morus alba - Fruitless Mulberry

The fruitless mulberry is a very fast growing deciduous tree to 30 - 40' forming a rounded crown. It is not a great tree for landscapes as it has surface roots and the canopy needs constant pruning. It does have decent fall color and is of course fruitless. It also has so many water sprouts in the canopy that it is impossible to keep shaped without constant pruning.

The deciduous leaves are alternate, simple, 2-4" long and variable in shape being oval to lobed. Margins can be slightly serrated to deeply lobed. Leaf base is unequal. Leaves are glossy green, medium to dark and turing yellow in the fall. 

The flowers are small, greenish yellow, with males and females appearing on separate trees and yes, this one is the male.

Bark is smooth when young, turning to a brown color with light furrows.  

You can see the large surface roots in the lawn.

This cultivar is a weeping fruited variety which they should have named Cousin It of course. 
Morus alba 'Pendula' is one of several weeping cultivars that does produce fruit, but they all do not produce fruit.

Misidentification: not sure, look at the variable leaves and the water sprouts (aerial suckers) in the canopy.

Aptos, Cabrillo College

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