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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Acacia cognatum - River Wattle

The first time I came across this beautiful tree I was blown away with its soft texture and form. I have grown to like it more and more over time, however like many acacias it might not be long lived. The river wattle is fast-growing, lacy, smallish evergreen tree, 20-30' tall by 20-30' wide. Very attractive graceful tree or shrub with weeping branches.

Leaves evergreen, linear shaped, sort of curved (sickle-shaped), 1 1/2" long, less than an 1/8" wide. Light green color. Leaves are really phyllodes (modified petioles), take a look at the veination pattern which is typical of most all these acacias. (The leaves are really modified petioles like many of the acacias and technically called phyllodes.)

Small light yellow flowers appear clusters in pairs along the stems in spring.

Small thin pods, look like brown versions of the leaves with small constrictions around the few seeds inside. Have not seen them.

Thin wispy stems, light brown with very small green to brown rounded buds.

Acacia boormanii maybe, which is not really soft and weepy but more upright, and shorter leaves. You can see both side by side at 3536 Flora Drive.

Depot Hill, corner of Central and Escalona. You can see if from Monterey Ave intersection leading into Depot Hill.

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