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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pinus wallichiana - Himalayan Pine

I love weeping pine trees, especially large ones. I first saw a few of these in Spokane and then encountered lots in the UK. And, lucky for me I see this one everyday driving home. Its not really as weepy as you might think but the leaves are very droopy on the stems. Works for me. You might actually find the cultivar 'Zebrina' which is variegated and more popular though I have not seen one planted as of yet.

"If any tree could be described as pettable, it would have to be the Himalayan pine" Nancy Rose (arnold arboretum)

The Himalayan (white or blue) pine is medium sized pine growing to about 35-40' with a spread of about 25' (much larger in its native habitat). This one is growing next to a larger acacia.

Leaves are needle like, in clusters of 5, each about 8" long. Thin, and eventually pendulous on the stems. Sheath is deciduous as is true of most white pines.

Male reproductive structures on lower stems.

Cones are typical of white pines, 6-8"  long however they may get to 12" long. Light tan when mature. While they are growing they are long and slender and green.

In the picture above you can see open mature cones and to the left you can see next years cone.

Other 5 needle pines, especially white pines. But we dont have many white pines here, lucky you. Can't say I have seen any western white pines and only a few eastern white pines.

Pinus patula maybe. Cones are much smaller, the leaves are in 3's and even more pettable (weeping).

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