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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Acer paxii - Evergreen Maple

Very rare tree in our area and even more rare is a maple being evergreen. The evergreen maple is a slow grower to about 30 feet about 2/3 wide. The tree forms a dense canopy, spreading upright branches may have an oval or spreading shape. I have found three on the campus at Cabrillo College and one in Aptos. The one below is in Aptos, the other is on the campus of Cal Poly SLO.

Leaves are opposite, simple, 3 lobed (when young, reportedly oblong to elliptical on a mature tree but I have not seen that), dark green, very leathery. Lobes acute, somewhat like A. burgerianum, but with a more accuminate tip and very leathery leaves.

Flowers are yellowish green hard to see in short panicles.

Paired samaras about an inch long, wings are more or less parallel. Have seen lots of seed but never tried to germinate them. Maybe I should.

Leaves look somewhat like the trident maple but are very leathery and evergreen but you might not notice that in the summer.


Back Yard on Club House (go to Monterey)

Cabrillo College on the lawn behind the Sesnon house

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