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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Celtis sinensis - Chinese Hackberry

The Chinese hackberry is a utility tree commonly used as a city street tree. A deciduous tree growing to 30-40' with a broad spreading habit, and rather quick growing. Has a reputation as being a tough tree, suitable for urban areas, and for being a weed tree. Guess a tree that can grow anywhere will grow anywhere.

Leaves are deciduous, alternate, simple, ovate to elliptical, 3-4" long, with serrated margins, bright green in summer, somewhat undulated. Leaf base is unequal. Poor fall color.

Stems are green turning brown.

Flowers are nondescript but quite interesting.

Fruit is a small 1/2" diameter fleshy drupe, orangish color.

Bark is smooth.

Misidentification: Can't say for sure, have never taught the plant so I have no feedback from students. The common hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) has broadly ovate leaves.

Soquel Drive and Fairway Intersection in the south median area - 3 trees

Santa Cruz
7th and Soquel are the best ones. On 7th.
800 block of 7th Ave

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