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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Salix babylonica - Weeping Willow

The Weeping willow grows to 30-40' by about the same width forming a billowing oval shape with weeping small branches. Classic weeping tree next to a body of water, either a stream or lake. Not sure if there could be a more classic willow than that at Claude Monet's garden.

The beauty of the weeping willows is the pendulous lateral branching.

Leaves deciduous, simple, narrowly lanceolate, serrated, 3 to 6" long, yellow green above, lighter below.

 Stems are red on new wood, yellowish brown on mature wood.


Flowers are dioecious, borne in catkins.

Fruit in clusters as well. Seeds like cotton.

Goin to plant a weeping willow
On the banks green edge it will grow grow grow
Sing a lullaby beside the water
Lovers come and go - the river roll roll roll (Robert Hunter)

415 Dorsey RDM in back yard
313 Cliff Dr. Corner of Cliff and Florence is a nice one.

1865 42nd Ave

Santa Cruz
Westlake Park several specimens along Majors Street side.
38th -39 pleasure point, back yard

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